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The Dilemma of (not provided)

In October 2011, Google enhanced their default search experience for signed-in users to protect users’ privacy. If a user is logged into Google or any Google product while searching on Google, their search is conducted over SSL. As such, the referral data relating to that search is now hidden, displaying the keyword (not provided) in Google Analytics.

Not Provided Google AnalyticsThis (not provided) hidden data leaves a gaping hole, increasing daily (View Weekly Tracking Graph), in our understanding and reporting of specific keywords in organic search needed by many SEOs to track the effectivness of their marketing efforts. This hidden data also makes it difficult to measure a company's SEO marketing related to Non-Brand specific keywords.

Fortunately, with a little math, we can calculate and provide estimates on what perecentage and how many visits are coming in from Organic Non-Branded keywords (the keywords most SEOs are marketing and tracking).

How to use

The Google Analytics Non-Brand Traffic Estimator was built to provide a quick tool to help assist marketers in their SEO analytics reporting. All you have to do is enter the data from your Google Analytics account, and the Tool will provide you with an estimate of Organic, Non-Branded Traffic and what percentage that is of all website traffic.

  1. Select Date Range - Select the date range you would like to track.

  2. Google Analytics VisitsInput Data - Input the following fields with the total number of Visits.
    • All Traffic - Located under "Traffic Sources: Sources: All Traffic".
    • Direct Traffic - Located under "Traffic Sources: Sources: Direct".
    • Referral Traffic - Located under "Traffic Sources: Sources: Referrals".
    • Search: Paid Traffic - Located under "Traffic Sources: Sources: Search: Paid".
    • Search: Organic Traffic - Located under "Traffic Sources: Sources: Search: Organic".
    • Not Provided Keywords - Located under "Traffic Sources: Overview" Keyword (not provided).
    • Organic, Non-Brand, Less Not-Provided - Create the Advanced Segment below for this number.
  3. Create Advanced Segment - To only view Organic, Non-Brand excluding Not-Provided keywords.
    • Click on "Advanced Segments"
    • Click on "+ New Custom Segment" - Add the following and statements (see image below).
      • Name: Organic Non-Brand (Exclude Not-Provided)
      • Include Medium: Containing, organic
      • Exclude: Keyword: Matching RegExp, (brand|brandz|yourbrandname|differentspellings)
        Example: (swedish|swedlsh|sweedish|swidish|swedi|swedes|swdish|sweish|swedis|sweadish|sweidsh|swishish|swedsh)
      • Exclude: Keyword: Containing, (not provided)
    • Click on "Save Segment" - The advanced segment will always be available.
    Google Analytics Avanced Segment

  4. Input Advanced Segment Data - With the advanced segment selected, drill down to Traffic Sources: Overview and you should now only see one number, Search Traffic, as well as not seeing (not provided) in the keywords list. (This is the Organic, Non-Brand, Less Not-Provided input field.)

  5. Click on "Visualize It" - to view results.
Google Analytics Non Brand Graph

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